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After serving two years, he resigned as president of the World Bank Group due to scandals described by a Reuters report as "a protracted battle over his stewardship, prompted by his involvement in a high-paying promotion for his companion." The second child of Jacob Wolfowitz (1910–1981) and Lillian Dundes, Paul Wolfowitz was born in Brooklyn, New York, into a Polish Jewish immigrant family, and grew up mainly in Ithaca, New York, where his father was a professor of statistical theory at Cornell University." Strongly influenced by his father, Paul Wolfowitz became "a soft-spoken former aspiring-mathematician-turned-policymaker ... were forged by family history and in the halls of academia rather than in the jungles of Vietnam or the corridors of Congress ... They married in 1968, had three children, lived in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

They separated in 1999, and, according to some sources, became legally separated in 2001 and divorced in 2002.

He is one of the original neocons and signatory to the Project for the New American Century, PNAC.

He served briefly as president of the World Bank in 2006, but resigned in disgrace in May 2007 due to ethics violations.

Wurmser's move was highly significant, given that the former American Enterprise Institute and Washington Institute for Near East Policy neo-conservatives was one of the primary authors of the now-infamous 1996 "A Clean Break" document, which spelled out the current joint Mideast war strategy of the Ariel Sharon government in Israel and the Cheney cabal inside the Bush Administration in the United States.

Just days after Wurmser joined the Vice President's "shadow national security council," the Bush Administration—at Cheney's urging—made an abrupt shift in policy towards Syria, a shift that has now brought the entire Mideast region to the brink of war and chaos—worse, even, than the fiasco of the American occupation of Iraq, which military experts are increasingly describing as "our new Vietnam" (see page 60). 7, Leo Strauss acolyte William Kristol, the publisher and editor of the Weekly Standard, candidly admitted that he was miffed that the United States had not already moved beyond the Iraq war to the "next regime change" of "the next horrible" Middle East Arab "dictator"— Syrian President Bashar Assad. On July 8, 1996, Richard Perle, currently a member, and formerly the head of the Defense Policy Board in the Don Rumsfeld Pentagon, delivered a document to the new Israeli Prime Minister, Jabotinskyite Benjamin Netanyahu.

We recognized the fact that they hadn’t done the analysis. They persuaded the President of the need to make a new security policy. And, unless you believe that we have uncovered everything, you have to assume there is more than we’re able to report.” Last October, an article in the reported that Rumsfeld had ordered up an intelligence operation “to search for information on Iraq’s hostile intentions or links to terrorists” that might have been overlooked by the C. “I’m told that after September 11th a small group, I think two to start with, and maybe four now . The Straussian movement has many adherents in and around the Bush Administration.

A Pentagon official who works for Luti told me, “I did a job when the intelligence community wasn’t doing theirs. When Rumsfeld was asked about the story at a Pentagon briefing, he was initially vague. were asked to begin poring over this mountain of information that we were receiving on intelligence-type things.” He went on to say, “You don’t know what you don’t know. He was widely known for his argument that the works of ancient philosophers contain deliberately concealed esoteric meanings whose truths can be comprehended only by a very few, and would be misunderstood by the masses.

They relied on data gathered by other intelligence agencies and also on information provided by the Iraqi National Congress, or I. Luti was an early advocate of military action against Iraq, and, as the Administration moved toward war and policymaking power shifted toward the civilians in the Pentagon, he took on increasingly important responsibilities. Patrick Lang, the former chief of Middle East intelligence at the D. A., said, “The Pentagon has banded together to dominate the government’s foreign policy, and they’ve pulled it off. In addition, since September 11th there have been recurring questions about Iraq’s ties to terrorists. “The agency was out to linkage between Iraq and terrorism,” the Pentagon adviser told me. If you’ve ever worked with intelligence data, you can see the ingrained views at C. Shulsky’s carrying the heaviest part.” Even before September 11th, Richard Perle, who was then the chairman of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board, was making a similar argument about the intelligence community’s knowledge of Iraq’s weapons. History has shown this view to have been extremely naïve.” They suggested that political philosophy, with its emphasis on the variety of regimes, could provide an “antidote” to the C. A.’s failings, and would help in understanding Islamic leaders, “whose intellectual world was so different from our own.” Strauss’s idea of hidden meaning, Shulsky and Schmitt added, “alerts one to the possibility that political life may be closely linked to deception. can’t find any value in it.” (The Pentagon, asked for comment, denied that there had been disputes between the C. A former high-level intelligence official told me that American Special Forces units had been sent into Iraq in mid-March, before the start of the air and ground war, to investigate sites suspected of being missile or chemical- and biological-weapon storage depots. “Never found a single Scud.” Since then, there have been a number of false alarms and a tip that weapons may have been destroyed in the last days before the war, but no solid evidence.Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.He is currently a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, working on issues of international economic development, Africa and public-private partnerships, Donald Rumsfeld in his interview with Fox News on February 8, 2011 said that Wolfowitz was the first to bring up Iraq after the 9/11 attacks during a meeting at the presidential retreat at Camp David. The rest of his father's family perished in the Holocaust." In the mid-1960s, while they were both undergraduate students at Cornell, he met Clare Selgin, who later became an anthropologist.The bombing immediately raised fears that Sharon is preparing a nuclear strike, most likely against Iran.Paul Dundes Wolfowitz (born December 22, 1943) is a former United States Ambassador to Indonesia, U. Deputy Secretary of Defense, President of the World Bank, and former dean of the Paul H.

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